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General Contractor Preconstruction Services

3F combines experienced professionals with an open and collaborative approach to all preconstruction services. Our menu of services is designed to help our clients make the best possible decisions in the early phases of a project. Our experience shows that early project decisions directly impact a project’s overall success.

During pre construction, our clients not only benefit from our general contracting experience but also our real estate development background. We don’t just price the plans. We help our clients develop better plans, creating more value without breaking the bank.

Process Makes Perfect

Site Analysis

Whether starting with a raw site or an existing property, a thorough analysis of the site is required for a successful project. 3F can help conduct a physical assessment of the property to identify concerns with the location, size, topography, drainage, geology, environmental, supportive infrastructure, easements and rights-of-way, and accessibility.


3F utilizes Microsoft Project for construction scheduling. We identify critical milestones during predevelopment so the team can be held accountable for deliverables. Once a project starts we use Procore to report and track changes to the schedule during construction. Owners are notified electronically of activity updates and can drill into three-week look activities to track short-term progress.

Value Engineering

Who wants to cut the cost of things that add value, like finishes, fixtures, and equipment? 3F provides thoughtful value engineering services that developers can appreciate. For example, we evaluate the dimensions of a kitchen relative to standard countertop slab dimensions in order to reduce and/or eliminate material waste. Reducing material waste reduces the cost per foot with little to no impact on value.

Budgeting and Estimating

3F utilizes the latest estimating technologies, such as Planswift and Sage Estimating, to provide Clients with the most accurate budget during predevelopment. We also maintain a proprietary database of material costs and labor rates across all trades that feed into the budget process.


Has your architect ever designed something that looks great on paper but costs 25% more than expected to build? 3F evaluates the constructability of a project to ensure what is drawn can be built for the expected cost before a shovel goes into the ground.
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