Institutional Multi-Family Value Add Renovations

3F Construction executes construction for institutional multi-family real estate owners. We help clients achieve their targeted return on investment (ROI) goals by evaluating the rent benefit of various renovation options and customizing a scope of work that maximizes ROI. 3F Construction helps you meet your ROI objectives by establishing the framework of a valued partnership, leveraging industry best practices, procuring materials directly to avoid unnecessary markup, communicating clearly through cutting edge technology and executing work with the most qualified yet cost effective subcontractors in the market.

Since 2009, We have successfully renovated thousands of multi-family projects. With the capacity to digest projects of any scale and type, our experienced team continues to grow and is committed to being the best partnership choice for programmatic multi-family renovations in the Chicagoland area.

Whether it is a new project acquisition, renovation, or repositioning of an existing asset, 3F Construction has a skilled team of dedicated professionals ready to assist you in making your vision a reality. We are experts at identifying value, coordinating and executing on all project phases for a successful and timely completion.


Our Incredible Before and After Transformations

A Small Sample of 3F's Institutional Multi-Family Value Add Renovations

Please View 3F's Institutional Multi-Family Value Add Renovations Brochure for a Comprehensive list of Recent Projects