River City Apartments model unit demolition of kitchen

The Wolcott Group wasted no time in getting started with unit renovations at their River City Apartments condo conversion in Chicago.  3F Construction started renovating the 1Bedroom model unit in 1102 and Townhome unit in 505 before the new ownership group acquired and deconverted River City on December 21st. 

3F has been working with the Wolcotts and their entire design and marketing team for nine months planning the unit renovations.  River City features some unique construction challenges that have been exciting to work through.  Before settling on final floor plans and unit upgrade scopes of work, 3F prepared over 15 different construction estimates.  We worked with The Wolcotts to value engineer each floor plan to get the project within their unit renovation budget.  3F signed a construction contract on December 21st, 2018 to renovate the units and we expect to start the first batch after the new year.  Once the permit is in place, 3F is prepared to renovate up to 50 units per month.

Before Construction Photos of the Model Unit at River City Apartments

Preparing to Renovate 50 Units a Month

Preparing to renovate 50 units a month takes months of planning and preparation.  Here are some of the steps 3F took prior to starting work:

  1. Pre-purchase ceramic tile in bulk
  2. Arrange bulk pricing to buy kitchen cabinets based the expected unit release schedule
  3. Negotiate bulk appliance pricing
  4. Negotiate countertop pricing and lead times based on the expected unit release schedule
  5. Arrange on-site storage to securely store all materials for immediate access
  6. Coordinate elevator and loading dock access for construction work
  7. Coordinate stacked riser shutdowns with unit renovations to minimize tenant disruptions
  8. Value engineered all floor plans to minimize waste and maximize return on improvements
  9. Perform exploratory demolition to confirm pricing assumptions

After all the preparation, 3F started demolition on a 1 bedroom unit and a 2 story townhome unit. 3F anticipated most unforeseen conditions, but some were buried behind walls and undiscoverable.

Demolition Photos of the Model Unit at River City Apartments

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